I am the CEO of a international marketing Company based in the USA and UK. As sole owner I have never been particuarly interested or had time for business coaching.

Steve Barton of Barton & Associates has changed my opinion.

Steve has a remarkable insight into the areas that a CEO needs to explore (him or herself). He asks carefully guided questions to help you to identify yourself what you need to do or indeed help to open up new areas or solve challenges.

I would have no hesitation in recommending that any CEO or indeed any business or professional person should use his talents to expand their minds. I certainly will

– Nick A.

Steve helped me to gain insight into things I knew but was reluctant to trust and act upon.

I highly recommend Barton and Associates for Individual and group coaching.

– Bruce G.

Steve Barton is an excellent coach. He is friendly and easy to work with.

But don’t think he’ll be soft on you.  One of his biggest strengths is that he will challenge you.  He will help you shine a light into places you may not have considered.  And by forcing you to look into the mirror, you’ll find yourself digging in, and finding unique and valuable answers.

– Tom H.

Guess again if you think Steve will tell you ways to create a more successful business. Instead, he’ll encourage you to change your perspectives and subsequently transform every aspect of your life. The increased success of your business is merely a side-effect. Its the icing on the cake.

– Judy T.

References available upon request.